Milan Airports

There are three main airports that are associated with Milan. The three Milan airports are Linate, Malpensa and Bergamo. Although Bergamo is not actually located in Milan itself, many airlines now call the airport ‘Milan Bergamo’, simply because it provides very easy access to the centre of Milan.

Milan AirportsThe two main Milan airports are Linate airport and Malpensa airport.

The Three Milan Airports Serviced By Major Airlines

Linate Airport

Linate airport, is the closest of the three airports to Milan itself and is located approximately 8 klms South East from Milan centre. Although geographically, Linate is the closest airport to Milan, it is not the largest of the three airports but still has over 10 million passengers passing through the airport every year. Malpensa airport is actually the largest of the three airports.

Due to the location of Linate airport and it being the closest of the three airports to Milan itself, prices tend to be a little higher for prices on flights into Linate than they are for Bergamo airport. Obviously, it is personal preference to whether or not you want to pay the higher prices and have the convenience of arriving and departing from an airport closer to Milan.

Malpensa Airport

Malpensa airport is actually the largest of the three airports that service Milan and is located in the province of Vrese approximately 30 klms North West of the city of Milan.

The airport has over 18 million passengers traveling through it every year on both Domestic and International flights. The airport has two terminals and two runways and a third one is set to open in 2012.

The airport has a regular shuttle service that links passengers from the airport to the centre of Milan and the journey takes around one hour, depending on traffic.

Malpensa airport also has a direct rail link that connects passengers to and from Milan Cadorna Station. The journey usually takes around 30-40 minutes depending on which train you catch.

Bergamo Airport

Bergamo airport has now become a popular airport for travellers looking for a cheap flight to Milan. Although It is the furthest away of the three Milan airports from the actual city centre, it still provides a very efficient transport network into Milan. Passengers flying into Bergamo airport can reach the centre of Milan within an hour and the cost of transfers to Milan are as little as €5 oneway. Bergamo Bus

Bergamo is a great low cost option for Milan, Bergamo itself and the Italian Alps.

Whichever one of the thre Milan airports you choose, you will have easy access to Milan itself.