A Simple Guide To Bergamo Airport (Orio Al Serio)

The low budget airlines that now service Bergamo airport, have certainly put this airport on the map. As a result they have made it one of the favourite destinations for low cost weekend breaks in Italy.

Bergamo AirportWhether it is shopping in Milan or a few days skiing in the Italian Alps, Bergamo is the perfect airport.






Bergamo Airport Quick Reference Guide.

The quick reference guide, is the easiest and quickest way to find the answers to your questions. It allows you to search for all the relevant topic about the airport and any other information you may wish to know. The quick reference guide has been compiled with many of the FAQ’s and hopefully will help you find the information to which you are looking for.

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FAQ’S About The Airport:

About The Airport:

Does Bergamo Have An Airport

Yes, Bergamo does have an Airport. The airport services Bergamo itself and many neighbouring towns, cities and villages in the region.


How Many Airports In Bergamo

There is just one main International airport in Bergamo.


What Is The Airport Of Bergamo Called

The Airport Of Bergamo, is called “Il Caravaggio Orio al Serio International Airport”. However, it is also known as Bergamo Airport, Bergamo International Airport and many of the low cost airlines now advertise it as ‘Milan Bergamo Airport’.


Where Is Bergamo Airport In Milan

Bergamo Airport is situated in the Lombardy region of Italy. Although it is not actually located in Milan itself, many low cost airlines do refer to it as ‘Milan Bergamo’. Due to this fact, many people actually think that the airport is located in Milan.


Is Bergamo Airport In Milan

Due to the fact that many airlines refer to Orio Al Serio International Airport as ‘Milan Bergamo Airport’ or ‘Milan BGY Airport’, many people ask the question “Is Bergamo Airport In Milan?”. The simple answer to that question, is NO, Bergamo Airport is not actually in Milan itself.


How Far Is Bergamo Airport From Bergamo

Begamo Airport (Orio al Serio International Airport), is approximately 5 kilometers (3.1 miles) from centre of Bergamo itself. There is a regular local bus service that runs to and from the airport to the main bus and train station in Bergamo. This provides a quick and cost effective form of transfer to the city. Taxis are available outside the airport and if there are several people travelling in your party, this can also be a cheap way to get to and from the airport to the centre of Bergamo.


How Far Is Milan Bergamo Airport From Milan

The distance from Milan Bergamo Airport BGY (Orio al Serio International Airport), to the centre of Milan is approximately 45 Kilometers (27 miles). Although many low cost airlines advertise Bergamo Airport as ‘Milan Bergamo’, it is a one hour drive from Milan itself. The closest airport to Milan, is actually Linate Airport (LIN).


How Many Terminals Does Bergamo Airport Have

Bergamo Airport (BGY), has just one main terminal, which has two levels for both Arrivals and Departures.


How Do I Get From Bergamo Airport To Milan

There are several ways in which you can get from Bergamo to Milan centre. One of the cheapest ways, is to use one of the low cost coach services that run from Bergamo Orio al Serio Airport to the centre of Milan. Alternatively, you can catch the local bus or taxi to the train station in Bergamo and then catch the train from Bergamo train station to Milan. Central Station. Taxi is also an option and quick form of transfer but this would be quite expensive.



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The Contact Address For Bergamo Airport Is:

Bergamo Orio Al Serio International Airport
Milan Bergamo (Orio Al Serio)
SACBO Via Aeroporto 13
I-24050 Orio Al Serio
Telephone: (+)39 035 326323



What Airlines Fly To Bergamo Italy:

There are now a large number of airline that fly into Bergamo Airport. Below is a list of all the airlines that currently fly into Bergamo Airport:

  • Aeroitalia
  • Air Albania
  • Air Arabia Egypt
  • Air Arabia Maroc
  • Air Arabia UAE
  • Albastar
  • Albawings
  • Cabo Verde Airlines
  • Dan Air
  • EasyJet
  • Eurowings
  • Flydubai
  • Georgian Airways
  • HiSky Europe SRL
  • ITA Airways
  • Neos
  • Norwegian Air Shuttle
  • Pegasus Airlines
  • Ryanair
  • Transavia
  • Turkish Airlines
  • Volotea
  • Wizz Air


Which Airlines Fly To Bergamo From From UK

The airlines that fly to Bergamo from the UK have increased over the years. Due to the popularity of the airport and its easy access to Milan, more people are choosing to fly there. The airline include:

  • Aeroitalia
  • Easyjet
  • Ryanair
  • Wizz


As with any major International airport, there are certain procedures in place for passengers arriving at the airport. To learn more about the arrivals at Bergamo Airpiort, please visit the following page. Bergamo Arrivals



How Far Is Bergamo Airport From Bergamo City

The city of Bergamo is located just 2.9 miles (4.6 kilometers) from the airport. Due to its close proximity, transfers to and from the city are very quick.


What Is Bergamo Italy Known For

The city of Bergamo has many attractions worth seeing. However, it is probably most famous for its Medieval old town, know as ‘Città Alta’.


Things To Do And See In Bergamo

Bergamo itself, is well worth a visit. It’s deep streets, ancient houses and churches provide a unique atmosphere of their own. There is a local bus company that operates a service to and from Bergamo centre, from Orio Al Serio airport. The cost of the bus journey is 1,65 euros each way (at the time of writing) and only takes around 10-20 mins. You catch the bus outside the main ‘Arrivals Lobby’ at the airport. The bus then takes you from Bergamo airport to the railway station in Bergamo. It then continues to the city centre and up to the higher part of the city to the Funicular.

The buses run from 06.00am until midnight and run every half an hour.

You can buy the tickets at the tourist office inside Bergamo Airport or at the ticket dispensers.

From Bergamo you can also catch buses to other regions and there are buses that will take you to the ski resorts of Passo Tonale, Ponte Di Legno, Foppolo and many more. There is also a railway station in Bergamo that services many other towns and cities.


Car Hire From Bergamo Orio Al Serio Airport

Car hire from Bergamo airport is reasonably cheap especially if there is a few of you traveling, which helps cut the cost. I have hired a great number of cars from Bergamo Orio Al Serio airport and usually use one or two hire companies that always seem to provide good deals.  I have provided a link below to a lists of cheap car hire companies. Obviously, you can shop around but I generally find that the companies listed always provide the best deals.

Car Hire Bergamo AirportPre Book Taxis From Bergamo Airport



What Is The Code For Bergamo Airport:

The two codes for  Milan Bergamo Airport are:

IATA Airport Code: BGY

ICAO Airport Code: LIME



Once again, as with any other International airport, the Bergamo Airport departures has specific procedures in place for passengers Pasengers wishing to fly from the airport, will first need to check-in and clear Security prior to boarding their flight. For more information about the airport departures procedures, please visit the following page. Milan Bergamo Airport Departures

Facilities At Bergamo Airport

  • Bergamo Airport offers over 5,000 car parking spaces
  • There are several shops inside Bergamo Airport, selling a wide range of goods such as: Drinks, electricals, leather, sunglasses, watches, tobacco, perfume and gifts.
  • Food & Drink:  There is a selection of cafe bars selling snack and drinks.  There is also a juice bar selling juices and smoothies.
  • Bank facilities are available at the airport
  • Foreign Exchange Bureau
  • Church
  • Pharmacy
  • VIP Lounge
  • Tourist Office
  • Left Luggage
  • Disabled facilities are available but you will need to contact your airline carrier in advance to arrange support at the airport



Due to its growing popularity and proximity to Milan and ski areas in Italy, more airlines are flying to Bergamo. As a result, there are now a large number of flights to Bergamo from the UK and many other countries worldwide.



A popular choice with many passengers flying to and from Bergamo is staying at one of the hotels near the airport. There are several advantage to staying at one of the airport hotels, which provide the perfect place to stay. Whether you are arriving at Bergamo on a late night flight or departing early morning a hotel will provide you with peace of mind.

There are actually no hotel located onsite at the airport. However, the closest hotel is the ‘NH Hotel Orio al Serio’ which is literally just opposite the airport Terminal. Due to its close proximity, the NH Hotel Orio al Serio is within easy walking distance.


Easy Transfers To And From Bergamo Airport 

Transfers to and from Bergamo Orio Al Serio airport are relatively easy. This is due to the many low cost coaches on hand to take you to various destinations.

Obviously, one of the major attractions close to Bergamo airport is Milan. Although many of the low cost airlines that fly into Bergamo, advertise Bergamo Orio Al Serio airport as ‘Milan Bergamo (BGY)’, it is in fact about 45 klm North East of Milan centre. This means, you will need to arrange transport to transfer you to and from Milan itself.


Coach Transfers:

‘Terravision’, ‘Autostrada’ and the ‘Orio Shuttle’ are the main low cost coach companies that operate out of Bergamo Orio Al Serio airport. All these operators, provide airport transfers to and from Milan plus other destinations, at very affordable prices. I have used them several times and have never had any problems.


Journey Time:

The journey time from Bergamo Airport to Milan is approximately 60 minutes by coach.  The cost is approximately 10 euros single and 18-20 euros for a return ticket (at the time of writing), (there are concessions for children 5-12 years and also children under 5, depending on which company you use).

Coaches leave Bergamo Airport every 30 minutes (sometimes more frequent) but you can check out the times and pre-book your seat (always a good idea) by using the search box below.
Terravision Transfer Bergamo Milano


Ski Resorts Accessible From Bergamo Airport

Bergamo Orio Al Serio also services many great Italian ski resorts and you can be on the slopes within an hours drive from Bergamo. Many of the smaller resorts are situated in the Lombardy region, making Bergamo airport a fantastic choice for skiers and snowboarders.

Lombardy ski areas are as follow:

 Province of Sondrio  Height
 Aprica  1200 – 2500m
 Bormio  1225 – 3012m
 Livigno  1816 – 2797m
 Santa Caterina Valfurva  1728 – 2735m
 Passo Dello Stelvio  2760 – 3450m
 Chiesa Valmalenco  960 – 2236m
 Caspoggio  1089 – 2200m
 Madesimo  1550 – 2884m
Province of Bergamo
Colere 1020 – 2300m
Foppolo 1500 – 2350m
Piazzatorre 1150 – 1800m
Presolana-Monte Pora 1350 – 1900m
Province of Lecco/Bergamo
Piani Di Bobbio-Valtorta 1340 – 2000m
Province of Brescia
Montecampione 1200 – 2100m
Borno 956 – 1694

To read more about the ski resorts closest to Bergamo Airport, please click on the following link: Bergamo Ski Area


Larger Ski Resorts Accessible From Bergamo

The larger ski resorts and ski areas such as ‘The dolomites Super Ski’ – Val Gadena & ‘The Alta Badia’ are 3-4hrs drive from Bergamo, depending on weather conditions and
traffic. In the winter, Terravision do run coaches to these resorts but you will need to check that the times correspond with your flight times as the coaches to the larger ski resorts only run on certain days and at certain times.  The price for the service is very cheap and it is only 17 euros for a single one way journey and just 29 euros for a return
journey. I have used the coaches to get to certain ski resorts and I must admit, it was nice to let somebody else do the driving for a change, especially after an early morning flight.

To check the times of the shuttle services to and from Milan Bergamo airport to: Dolomites ski resorts: Bolzano – Ortisei – Santa Christina and Selva Val Gardena, Please
click on the Terravision banner above.

There is also a bus run by ‘MTBUS’ that runs to Livigno from Bergamo Orio Al Serio from December – April and costs just 25 euros.