Bergamo To Milan

‘How do you get from Bergamo to Milan’, is probably one of the most frequently asked questions by passengers landing at Bergamo airport. This is fully understandable, especially as Bergamo airport is steadily growing in popularity with travellers and is also a fantastic low cost option to reach Milan.

Bergamo To MilanIf you are not already familiar with Bergamo airport and you have only just heard about it via searching for flights to Milan, you are probably thinking, “where is Bergamo airport and how easy is it to get to Milan from Bergamo airport.?

Well, although many airlines advertise the airport as ‘Milan Bergamo’, it is not actually in the centre of Milan but is situated approximately 45 klms from the centre of Milan.

However, the really good news is that Bergamo airport has a fantastic ground support system in place and it is very easy and very cheap to get from Bergamo to Milan.

Due to the fact that many airlines advertise the airport as ‘Milan’ there are a number of services in place that specifically cater for transferring passengers landing in Bergamo airport to Milan and also connecting passengers  from Milan back to the airport.

Transfer Options For Getting From Bergamo To Milan

There are many options of transport available to passenger landing at the airport and who wish to reach Milan. Which one you choose, simply depends on personal preference and budget.

Coach Service: One of the most popular options and probably one of the cheapest is the coach service that is run by Terravision. This service runs on a regular basis throughout the day coincides with all the flight arrival and departure times.

Terravision Transfer Bergamo Milano

Car Hire: Car hire is another popular option, especially during the winter months when a large number of passengers are destined for the many ski resorts near Bergamo airport. However, it is also a popular choice for people visiting Milan who want the freedom of planning their own time schedule.

Taxi: Taxis are used on a regular basis to transfer passengers from Bergamo to Milan. Many business professionals use this option and take advantage of pre-booking their taxi in advance.

Private Shuttle: Private shuttles are available from the airport, however, they are a little more expensive than most other options. This option obviously depends upon your own budget but it does provide you with a private door to door service.

Public Transport: It is possible to get from Bergamo airport to Milan simply by using public transport. One of the cheapest, most popular and easiest methods is to use the Bergamo Bus service and then catch the train. First you will need to catch the Bergamo bus from the airport to Bergamo itself and then catch the train from Bergamo station. The Bergamo bus stops outside the railway station which makes this really simple.

Summary For Getting From Bergamo To Milan

There are plenty of forms of transport to and from the airport that provide transfers to Milan. If you are looking to book a flight to Bergamo but are a little worried as to whether or not you will be able to find your way to Milan, don’t worry.

Getting from Bergamo to Milan is very simple and hassle free!