Bergamo Ski Area

Ski Resorts Near Bergamo Airport

Bergamo Airport is located in a great position to access many ski resorts throughout Italy and the added beauty is that it not only offers accessibility to ski resorts in Italy but also in several other countries too! Passengers flying into Bergamo Airport have a wide range of ski resort to choose from that are close to Bergamo and these also include resorts in Switzerland, Austria and Germany. The additional bonus with flying into Bergamo Airport is that it provides a cheap alternative to many of the major airports that are regularly used by passengers seeking Winter sports.

The ski resorts near Bergamo Airport offer a wide range of variety for skiers and snowboarders and which ski resort you choose will obviously be determined on many factors. The ski resorts close to Bergamo Airport offer skiing for all capabilities from beginners to expert and you will not be disappointed with the amount of choice you have.

The closest ski resorts to Bergamo Airport can be reached within one hours drive from the airport and these are a popular choice with passengers who are just looking for a few days on the snow. Although the ski resorts that are closest to Bergamo Airport do not have the largest ski area in terms of Piste, they certainly have enough to keep you entertained for a few days skiing or boarding.

Ski Resorts Closest To Bergamo Airport

The closest ski resorts to Bergamo Airport are those that are located in The Bergamask Mountain Range. This mountain range is also known as the ‘Bergamo Ski Area’. The Bergamo Ski area is actually in the Lombardy region of Italy and consists of a number of smaller resorts.

The Bergamask Mountains

The Bergamask mountain range, stretch from Brembana valley to the Seriana valley and also the Scalve valley. Along this mountain range there are a number of ski resorts that vary in size and all offer a variety of terrain.

The Bergamask Mountain range has a total of 130 ski slopes to suit all levels of skier and snowboarder. These resorts range in height and the lowest is at 1000m and the highest is at 2300m.

List Of Resorts in The Bergamo Ski Area

Val Seriana: Monte Pora – Colere – Presolana (Castione della Presolana) – Spiazzi Gromo – Lizzola – Schilpario (Cross Country)

Val Brembana: Branzi and Oltre il Colle (cross country and Nordic skiing) – Foppolo, San Simone, Carona, Valleve, and Valtora

There are two main ski areas in the Lombardy region and they are Val Seriana (Seriana Valley) and Val Brembana (Brembana Valley). Both these ski areas have a variety of small resorts that all make up the larger ski area.

Ski Resorts In Val Seriana (Seriana Valley)

Monte Pora: Monte Pora is very accessible from Bergamo Airport and can be reached in an hour. The skiing in Monte Pora is largely on wide open pistes and the resort is blest with sun.

Distance From Bergamo Airport: 60 klms

Height: 1880

Lifts: 8

Slopes: 19

Total Klms Of Piste: 20 klms

Passo della Presolana: Passo della Presolana is the perfect resort for people learning ski or snowboard, especially children. The resort has a number of facilities that are in place aimed at the total beginner.

Distance From Bergamo Airport: 50 klms

Height: 1630m

Lifts: 6

Slopes: 10

Total Klms Of Piste: 20 klms

Colere: Located at the beginning of the Scalve valley, Colere has the advantage of height which allows good skiing through the season.

Distance From Bergamo Airport: 65 klms

Height: 2250 m

Lifts: 5

Slopes: 6

Total Klms Of Piste: 25 klms

Lizzola: Lizzola is located further along the valley from  Colere and also enjoy good snow conditions due to its height.

Distance From Bergamo Airport: 65 klms

Height: 2030 m

Lifts: 6

Slopes: 12

Total Klms Of Piste: 35 klms

Spiazzi di Gromo: Notorious for its tree lined runs which provide this resort with a tranquil feel Spiazzi di Gromo is popular with many skiers. It is however one of the lower resorts in the region but the skiing is generally quite good.

Distance From Bergamo Airport: 55 klms

Height: 1200 m

Lifts: 6

Slopes: 8

Total Klms Of Piste: 15 klms

Schilpario: Schilpario is famous for its Cross Country skiing and offers a 10 klm track for its visitors.

Distance From Bergamo Airport: 72 klms

Height: 1135 m

Lifts: 1

Slopes: 1

Total Klms Of Piste: 1 klms


Ski resorts – Val Brembana (Brembana Valley)

Foppolo: Foppolo is probably the most famous and well known of all the ski resort in the Brembana Valley. Foppolo is located in the upper Brembana Valley and is the largest ski are in terms of piste with approximately 47 klms of piste. However, if you take into account the connecting piste of that of Carona and San Simone, yo can enjoy over 80 klms of piste. Fopollo is also the liveliest of the resorts and offers skiers and snowboarders an all round winter sports experience.

Distance from Bergamo Airport: 59 klms

Height: 2167 m

Lifts: 9

Slopes: 6

Total Klms Of Piste: 47

Carona: The ski resort of Carona is linked with Foppolo and offers skiing above 2000m. Ski cover is fairly reliable and it offers a range of skiing for all abilities.

Distance from Bergamo Airport: 53 klms.

Height: 2111 m

Lifts: 5

Slopes: 8

Total Klms Of Piste: 22

San Simone:

Due to its height, San Simone is generally very reliable in terms of snow cover. The friendly resort offers something for all ages and ability and that is why it is a favourite with many families.

Distance from Bergamo Airport : 57 klms

Height: 2024 m

Lifts: 7

Slopes: 14

Total Klms Of Piste: 22


The ski resort of Piazzatorre offers a wide range of skiing for both the beginner and intermediate skier. The long rolling fields provide the perfect surface for skiers in just a few inches of snow.

Distance from Bergamo: 49 klms

Altitude: 1750 m

Lifts: 2

Slopes: 3

Total Klms of Piste: 5


Piani di Bobbio-Valtorta, d’Erna and Artavaggio

Valtorta – Piani di Bobbio: two valleys, only one skipass

Piani di Bobbio-Valtorta is the closest ski resort to Milan and is just an hours drive from Bergamo Airport. The three ski resorts of Piani di Bobbio-Valtorta, d’Erna and Artavaggio cover two valleys and provinces and offer over 30klms of piste to go at. The resort can be accessed either from the province of Bergamo or Barzio in the Lecco province.

Train Stations: The closest train stations to the resort of Piani Di Bobbio Valtorta is in Lecco.

There are many of the resorts that are listed above close to Piani Di Bobbio Valtorta and they are:

Carona (20 km)

Foppolo (18 km)

Lizzola Valbondione (38 km)

Piazzatorre (10 km

San Simone (18 km)

The Bergamo ski area is a great area to visit if you are looking for a few days skiing that has a quick transfer time from Bergamo Airport.